Working to address the climate emergency through biodiversity projects: 1. removing paving slabs and tarmac and replacing them with wildflower meadows 2. convert existing lawns to  meadows/edibles gardens.

Hugh Barnard

Hugh studied chemistry at Imperial College then spent 40 years in computing. He has worked for the EU Commission, the EU Parliament and for various tech companies in France, Holland and Belgium. He has an MSc in computing from the Open University and recently finished a philosophy BA at Birkbeck. He stood for the Greens in Forest Gate South in the last set of local elections. Apart from this project, he is working on citizen science IoT, especially air pollution and ambient temperature, and (since about 1997) community currencies especially mutual social credit.

Melina Merlin

Melina is a multi-disciplinary artist. She is studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London. She has contributed to several Newham-based projects: