Community Assembly Funding Approved!

This project creates meadow-flower corridors connecting existing green spaces throughout North Forest Gate. This project builds on the Low-Traffic-Zone containers and creates meadows along roads associated with our schools and the the Healthy Streets initiative. Combating the pollution created by auto-traffic, new pavers with no tree allocation spaces and asphalt that cover most of the spaces around our schools.

We would seed existing green spaces with meadow plants that support diverse insects, recruit local businesses and residents to contribute outdoor space planters. Using the planting space from Forest Lane Park, along the streets passing Forest Gate Community School (FGCS), Earlham Primary School, St. James School, Woodgrange Infant School and Godwin School and reaching Wanstead Flats. Creating loops of green corridors from Forest Lane Park.

Conducting workshops/seed distribution events to bring together stakeholders. Then we would seed existing green spaces with meadow plants that support bio-diversity.

The creation of corridors of meadows will work towards improving air quality, will give wildlife the safe havens and utilise neglected spaces. Creating meadows that are not manicured landscapes allows for pollinators and wildlife to nest and created homes that are not disturbed with damaging chemicals etc.